Conservation Data Management Tools

Conservation Data Management training sessions provide opportunities to improve your working knowledge of Biotics, NatureServe's web-enabled biodiversity information management system. Training includes species and ecosystem mapping methods, guidance on achieving and maintaining a unified taxonomy, ensuring the consistent application of our shared data standards and methodology, and adopting effective query, analysis and reporting strategies, along with other best practices for data managers.

Biotics Clinic

The Biotics clinic consists of access to NatureServe’s archive of previously recorded training sessions and invitations to upcoming sessions. Sessions are held most months of the year and provide training on various components of the Biotics 5 system, their functionality and underlying data management methodology. The selection of session topics offered is  based on interest expressed by the Biotics 5 user community and the needs identified by Biotics support staff. Sessions will be announced several weeks in advance.

Basic training on the Biotics 5 system can be obtained by going through the Biotics Tutorial and Finding Data training.

Recorded sessions currently available include:

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