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Core Methodology Training 2021

NatureServe is pleased to announce we are hosting Core Methodology Training (CMT), virtually, this fall. The dates are November 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 8th from 1-5 pm Eastern. Register now!

Core Methodology Training is a hands-on introduction to standards, methods, and tools that are "core" to the success of the NatureServe Network. The training supports the consistent use of these standards and methods, and facilitates a sense of camaraderie across the Network. It also provides a forum for discussion of how well our methodologies are working locally, supporting their ongoing evolution.

We recommend attending CMT if you are a recent addition to the NatureServe Network, have never taken methodology training before, took methodology training more than five years ago, or are a partner organization working with the NatureServe Network and want to learn more about the core methods that are being used. Since NatureServe methodologies are always evolving, and the training has evolved to be more hands-on and interactive, most NatureServe Network staff, members, and partners will benefit from attending this training.

Topics and activities include:

  • Overview of the NatureServe and the Network 
  • Network Data, Methods and Tools 
  • Taxonomic Concepts and Classifications 
  • Introduction to Methodological Concepts 
  • Observations and Maps 
  • Biotics hands-on mapping exercises 
  • Element Occurrence (EO) status assessment (EO Ranking) exercises 
  • Element Conservation Status Ranking (Global and Subnational Ranking) exercises using the Rank Calculator 
  • Opportunities to get to know NatureServe staff and other members of the Network  
  • Detailed work sessions for Biotics Admins, Ecology staff and Species Science staff 

2018 Core Methodology Training Field Session at Coyote Ridge, Colorado.


Registration rates (per person) are as follows: 

  • NatureServe Network Leadership Program Members: $575* 

  • NatureServe Network Basic Program Members: $600* 

  • Non-Network: $800 

*If your Program has limitations for registrations based on a Federal or state mandate that prevent you from participating at these levels, please contact Allison_Gratz@natureserve.org.

Registration includes all supporting materials/handouts, access to all sessions offered, and access to recordings of the sessions post-training.

Click Here to Register! Space is limited.


Core Training Team 

  • Bruce Young, NatureServe, Chief Zoologist and Senior Conservation Scientist  

  • Don Faber-Langendoen, NatureServe, Senior Ecologist, Northeastern North America 

  • Whitney Weber, NatureServe, DBA & Product Support Specialist 

  • Jeremy Siemers, Zoology Team Leader, Colorado Natural Heritage Program 


Other Trainers 

  • Sean O’Brien, NatureServe, President & CEO 

  • Healy Hamilton, NatureServe, Chief Scientist 

  • Allison Gratz, NatureServe, Director of Network Relations 

  • Misty Nelson, Deputy Director of Network Relations


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