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Submitted by allison_kenlan_5542 on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 16:53

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Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2022

Stay tuned for more information regarding the dates, location, and sessions for Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2022.

Sean heads to the Northeast

Sean and the Van Humboldt are headed to the New England area for the next leg of the NatureServe Network Van Tour. Follow us on social media for updates from the road, and check out the blog to read all about each visit.

Thomas Brooks: The IUCN World Conservation Congress

Sean speaks with Thomas Brooks, Chief Scientist of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ahead of the IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place September 3rd to September 11th in Marseille.

All Upcoming & Past Events

  • Webinar | Webinar
    The SER International Standards offer a framework to help individual restoration projects and global restoration initiatives achieve their intended goals, while addressing the many challenges of effective implementation, including ecosystem complexity, climate change, ineffective design and implementation, and the trade-offs between social priorities and biodiversity.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    Dr. Florencia Sangermano presents on her work identifying potential conservation areas within the Vilcabamba-Amboro Conservation Corridor, a hotspot of biodiversity in the tropical Andes.
  • Training | Arlington, Virginia
    NatureServe Core Methodology Training 2019. A hands-on introduction to standards, methods, and tools that are "core" to the success of the NatureServe Network.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    The northwest of the Bolivian Amazon continues to preserve vast tracks of primary Amazonian rainforest and at the same time shelters more than 110 000 people living in a couple of urban settlements and several small communities.
  • Conference | Honey Creek Resort State Park
    The Midwest Regional Forum will take place April 8th – 9th 2019 at the Honey Creek Resort State Park in Moravia, Iowa, and will bring together leading scientists, conservationists, and data analysts working to protect rare species and threatened ecosystems.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    Human activities have triggered profound changes in the distribution and integrity of ecosystems, negatively affecting biodiversity and compromising its ability to provide both goods and services.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    Conserving large carnivores is a pressing issue worldwide. The ecological and conservation roles of bears, as keystone and umbrella species, and even the cultural importance of this group addressed by the scientific community, is rarely reflected at the local level where communities suffer diverse costs from coexisting with bears.
  • | Webinar
    The documentation of Bolivia's flora and vegetation began less than 40 years ago and already shows a 70% advance in vascular groups with 350,000 scientific collections.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    The regional Coastal Acidification Networks of the US Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (NECAN and MACAN) are consortiums of scientists, marine industry, and resource managers with a central goal of sharing information to better understand the impacts of acidification to appropriately manage and adapt to these conditions.