Key Activities

NatureServe Canada provides scientific information about Canada’s species and ecosystems to help guide effective conservation action and natural resource management. We work in close partnership with key federal and provincial agencies as well as international and multi-lateral initiatives concerned with environmental protection. Key activities include:

  • Establishing scientific standards for biological inventory and biodiversity data management. 
  • Developing comprehensive and current databases on species and ecological communities of conservation concern.
  • Designing advanced biodiversity data management systems in partnership with information technology leaders.
  • Making biodiversity information available to the public through our websites, publications, and custom services to clients and partners.
  • Providing information products and conservation services to guide natural resource decision-making.

NatureServe Canada and its network of conservation data centers (CDCs) employ NatureServe Natural Heritage Methodology ensuring our biological data is collected, assessed, and managed in a consistent manner across the NatureServe Canada network and permitting cross-border analyses of our data with Natureserve network members throughout the Western hemisphere.