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Webinar: Integrated Land-Sea Planning in Puerto Rico
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Presented by Patrick Crist and Samantha Coccia of NatureServe

Planning and managing natural resources in coastal regions is highly complex because of the interconnectedness of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine realms; diverse human uses; and climate change. In this presentation, we will explain and demonstrate a toolkit for integrated land-sea planning (ILSP) (also ridge-to-reef planning) comprised of NatureServe Vista, OpenNSPECT, and Marxan. Variations of this ILSP toolkit have been used to address land-based stressors and climate change in other regions of the United States. In this project, the toolkit was used to model land-based stressors; estimate sediment and nutrient loads into the nearshore marine environment; conduct a scenario-based cumulative effects assessment for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine biodiversity; and guide site-based decision making for conservation and erosion mitigation. Further development of this project will focus on integration of sea level rise, storm surge, and tsunamis to also support coastal resilience planning. Learn more about the toolkit here and watch the recorded webinar here

Webinar co-sponsored by the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by NatureServe and and MEAM.

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