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Colorado Wildlife Action Plan: Proposed Rare Plant Addendum
Colorado Natural Heritage Program

The purpose of this proposed Addendum to Colorado’s State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) is to set a statewide strategic direction for the conservation of Colorado’s most imperiled plant species and their habitats, and to establish a coordinated statewide approach for partners working on rare plant conservation. The Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Initiative (RPCI) compiled the information in this document, and developed much of the conservation strategy reflected in the contents herein, to set a conservation direction for Colorado’s imperiled plants and their habitats. This Addendum, and the Colorado Rare Plant Conservation Strategy upon which it is based (Neely et al. 2008), represent a collective vision for plant conservation in Colorado, emphasizing a proactive approach to ensure the long-term stewardship and viability of Colorado’s rarest plants. If implemented, this plan will enable concerned partners to systematically and meaningfully advance urgently needed plant conservation in Colorado, thus avoiding the need for federal listings.

Colorado Natural Heritage Program for Rare Plant Conservation Initiative. 2011. Colorado Wildlife Action Plan: proposed rare plant addendum. Lee Grunau, Jill Handwerk, and Susan Spackman-Panjabi, eds. Fort Collins, CO: Colorado Natural Heritage Program, Colorado State University. 179 p.