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The Conservation Status of Trillium in North America
ABQ BioPark, NatureServe, and Mt. Cuba Center

This report presents the analysis of 53 plant taxa using two different methodologies. Authors found that habitat loss, overpopulation of white-tailed deer, and habitat disturbance caused by feral pigs are the primary threats to North American Trillium. Many of the imperiled species identified in this analysis are vulnerable to excessive harvest due to their very limited geographic ranges. They also look similar to more common species used in horticultural and herbal medicines. Several species of invasive plants that substantially alter native habitats were also identified as major threats to Trillium species. Conservation of these plants may have important implications for the management of natural areas and trade in herbal medicines.

Meredith, Clayton & Frances, Anne & Highland, Amy & Oliver, Leah & Floden, Aaron & Gaddy, L L & Knapp, Wesley & Leaman, Danna & Leopold, Susan & Littlefield, Tara & Raguso, Robert & Schilling, Edward & Schotz, Alfred & Walker, Anna & Wayman, Kjirsten. (2022). The Conservation Status of Trillium in North America.