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Scenarios of Land Degradation and Restoration
Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

This chapter assesses scenarios of future land degradation and restoration in terms of change in: (i) soil properties; (ii) biodiversity; and (iii) ecosystem services as a result of human activities up to 2050. The ecosystem services considered are provisioning services, such as production of food, bioenergy, fibre and timber as well as regulating services, such as water and climate regulation through carbon storage and sequestration. The effects of land degradation and restoration on cultural services are less explored in scenarios. This chapter outlines the different types and roles of scenarios, assesses global and regional scenario outcomes and recommends future scenario developments. Impacts are described at the global and regional scale.

Brink, B. J. E. ten., Cantele, M., Adams, V. M., Bonn, A., Davies, J., Fernández, M., Matthews, N., Morris, J., Ramírez Hernández, W. A., Schoolenberg, M. A., Berg, M. van den, Pennock, D., and Vuuren, D. P. van.