Why We Give

Why do people like you support NatureServe? We asked some of our donors to share their stories. Hear them tell about how and why the exploration and discovery of new knowledge about our natural world inspires them.

Loring LaBarbera Schwarz, Massachusetts

Like many fellow high-school students, Loring LaBarbera Schwarz found inspiration in the first Earth Day in 1970. Unlike many, this Long Island native turned that inspiration into a 35-year career in conservation.

Tom Smith, Virginia

Tom Smith, director of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation's Natural Heritage Program, has had a long family tradition of apprectiating nature which has guided his career with the natural heritage network.

Patricia Mehlhop, New Mexico

Few can match the perspective that ecologist Pat Mehlhop has regarding the NatureServe network, given her role in starting up and leading three different U.S. natural heritage programs.

Bruce Stein, District of Columbia

Bruce Stein recognized as a young man that "identifying those places that really should not be harmed gave us the ability to design better projects from the start."

Sherry Huber, Maine

Sherry Huber has been the executive director of the Maine TREE Foundation since 1996 and a champion of Maine's unique landscapes for more than 50 years.

Andrew Kaiser, New Jersey

Andrew Kaiser is a Partner and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs Bank. The ability to use data to make informed decisons is essential to corporate success. That's what attracted him to NatureServe.

Mary Ann Lawler, North Carolina

Mary Ann Lawler is an long-time member of the Native Plant Society, and is a vigorous advocate for America's natural areas and natural heritage.

Larry Master, New York

Conservationist and wildlife photographer Larry Master joined the natural heritage network in 1980, embarking on a lifelong career dedicated to the preservation of biological diversity.