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Workplace and Corporate Giving
  • Corporate Voices for Biodiversity Science is NatureServe's flagship program for engagement with businesses. We invite all corporations that wish to support the use of sound biodiversity science to join this program by giving an unrestricted gift to NatureServe. Benefits vary based on the level of the gift.
  • Corporate Grants allow companies to support high-impact conservation organizations like NatureServe, while advancing corporate values like environmental sustainabilty, science and technology, biodiversity and ecosystem services, capacity building, and quality of life. Charitable contributions are usually tax deductible.
  • Event Sponsorship allows companies to express their commitment to environmental sustainability through events hosted by NatureServe. Significant and measurable high–profile recognition and visibility can be gained via sponsorship opportunities with NatureServe.
  • Enhanced Business Sustainability derives from a corporate approach that anticipates and avoids or mitigates risks. NatureServe offers a range of products and services used by businesses to assess risks to species and ecosystems, understand business dependence on ecosystem services, and increase certainty in planning that saves time and money. 
  • Workplace Giving is a way for you to give recurring gifts to your favorite nonprofits like NatureServe by designating an amount to be withheld from your paycheck. NatureServe participates in the Combined Federal Campaign and EarthShare.
  • Matching Contributions are offered by many businesses to encourage their staff to support nonprofits. Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift to NatureServe.

Forward-looking corporations recognize that the impending loss of ecological support systems needs to be addressed now, in a clear and targeted way. In order to avoid, minimize, restore, or mitigate these threats effectively and at the least cost, businesses have to use reliable data. NatureServe welcomes the opportunity to explore creative branding campaigns with your marketing department or communications partner. By investing in NatureServe and taking biodiversity conservation into consideration as part of your corporate sustainability strategy, your corporation can be positioned as a leader in the field. 

Reasons for Becoming a Corporate Funder
  1. Branding (and co–branding) opportunities
  2. National, regional, and local exposure in target markets
  3. Enhanced image and positive identity messaging
  4. Wider internal and external recognition by employees and customers
  5. Exposure to a network of over 80 natural heritage programs and their constituents
  6. Visibility through the creation of a year–round and/or multi–year program
  7. Increased employee morale
  8. Increased customer loyalty
  9. Increased conservation change in communities where employees live and work
  10. More productive and healthier workforce