Thank you for your support

The Board of Directors Challenge was a success!

Our Board of Directors challenged you to join them in making a new or increased gift to NatureServe by December 31stand you accepted their challenge and gave generously! The work of the NatureServe Network to systematically track rare species and their habitats, and share this information with the world will now have a bigger impact because of you.

NatureServe's Network Programs wanted to say thank you for your conservtion impact and show you what your support helps us accomplish. Click on the images below to watch videos from three of our programs. 

The Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, says thank you for your support.  The Vermont Natural Heritage Inventory shares this video of tagging and assessing the health of a critically imperiled species in their state. The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center shows you the impact you have in Oregon.






Conserving the most important places, targeting the species most at-risk and guiding conservation action with up-to-date knowledge are what we do.  Your contribution to these efforts are crucial as we welcome our new President & CEO, Dr. Gregory Miller. You have given him the support and resources he needs to lead the way for the NatureServe Network and conservation action. 

Our world urgently needs NatureServe’s science, now more than ever. The warming climate, expanding human footprint, habitat loss—with each day that passes, these changes threaten biodiversity. NatureServe guides critical actions to halt the irreversible loss of Earth’s biodiversityYour support protects more than just one wetland, forest, plant or animal—it is multiplied across thousands of conservation actions

NatureServe staff signed a thank you banner for donors.

You make it possible for NatureServe, your local Network Program, and over 80 other organizations in the NatureServe Network to scientifically track rare species and their habitats, and share this information with the world. The result is data-driven decisions and actions that better conserve biodiversity.

Together, we are creating a world where everyone has access, at their fingertips, to up-to-date knowledge about Earth’s unique, rare, and threatened species and habitats.