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Patrick McIntyre

Director of Ecology

(703) 797-4812

Patrick McIntyre serves as  Director of Ecology at NatureServe’s Boulder, Colorado office. In this role, Patrick works with conservation partners across western North America, from Alaska to the Yucatan, to further NatureServe’s mission of providing the scientific basis for effective conservation action. Patrick’s areas of focus include the effects of climate change on forest ecosystems, classifying and mapping ecosystems, and improving the availability of biodiversity data for conservation decision making.

In his over 20 years in ecology and conservation, Patrick has worked with the California Natural Heritage Program, the National Park Service, and collaborated on conservation research projects at the University of California Berkeley, San Diego State University, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Patrick has a PhD in ecology from UC Davis and a Master’s in biology from Northern Arizona University, where he studied plant range limits and plant-arthropod interactions.