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Regan Smyth

VP for Conservation Science

(703) 908-1887

Regan Smyth oversees the development, management and provision of NatureServe’s core biodiversity data resources. She ensures that the biodiversity information collected by NatureServe’s Network of Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centers meets consistent standards, resulting in the highest quality data available on the location and conservation status of biodiversity throughout the Americas. This dataset allows us to understand species extinction risk and direct conservation action.

Regan has a master’s degree in ecosystem conservation and management from Duke University and a bachelor’s degree in biology and environmental science, also from Duke University. She has spent most of her professional career as a scientist for NatureServe, joining the organization in 2007 as an ecologist and GIS analyst before serving as NatureServe’s Director of Spatial Analysis. Regan’s work has included overseeing the development of the NatureServe Network Species Habitat Model Standard and the Map of Biodiversity Importance, various ecosystem mapping and assessment projects, and leading collaborations with technology partners to increase the scope, reach, and impact of NatureServe’s biodiversity location data.