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Bruce Young

Interim Chief Scientist & Chief Zoologist

(703) 908-1805

Bruce Young is NatureServe’s Chief Zoologist and Interim Chief Scientist. He has over 25 years of experience in biodiversity research and conservation, having led numerous efforts to promote animal conservation through the development of conservation status ranks, management guidance, and coordination with state natural heritage programs. His leadership has led to first-ever assessments of hundreds of insect pollinators and the publication of several reports on the status and assessment of pollinators in North America. As a major collaborator to the Global Amphibian, Mammal, and Reptile Assessments, Dr. Young has helped revolutionize global conservation efforts for these groups. His work on climate change and biodiversity, especially the development of the NatureServe Climate Change Vulnerability Index has catalyzed thousands of climate change vulnerability assessments and led to recognition by U.S. Department of Interior in the form of a Partners in Conservation Award. He holds a BA in Biology from Cornell University and a PhD from the University of Washington and is an active scientific author: his 70+ publications in the peer-reviewed literature have been cited over 19,000 times.