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Shara Howie

Program Manager

(703) 797-4811

Shara Howie is currently a Program Manager for NatureServe and works out of the Boulder, Colorado office of NatureServe. Shara has over 12 years of experience supporting the development and maintenance of conservation data and data management systems. She has years of experience as a program manager supplying U.S. and Canadian federal agencies and other organizations with conservation data, analyses and other conservation services in collaboration with NatureServe’s international network of member programs (Natural Heritage Programs). Shara is also the sector relations manager for the transportation sector, and works as a liaison to The Nature Conservancy. Before joining NatureServe in 2001, Shara worked for The Nature Conservancy’s Science Division for 10 years and, prior to that, at the Smithsonian’s Botany Department for 3 years. Shara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from George Mason University.