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John Rusbarsky

Project Manager

(919) 808-1753

John Rusbarsky is an early-career sustainability professional with a background in project coordination, research support, and external affairs for various not-for-profits, private-sector firms, and academic institutions. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Economics from Middlebury College in 2019. John previously interned with NatureServe in the Summer of 2018 on the IDB Mangroves project wherein he acted as research assistant and contributing author for the project report. Outside of work, John spends his time playing music with family and friends alike, as well as planning trips to the mountains, forests, and deserts of California.

Like everyone at NatureServe, John’s goal is to explore and understand the complex nature of human-environment relations in order to contribute to the fundamental changes necessary to bring about systems compatible with Earth’s finite resources.