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Christopher Tracey

Director of Spatial Analysis

(703) 908-1800 ext. 8915

As Director of Spatial Analysis at NatureServe, Chris is responsible for maintaining and improving NatureServe’s spatial data offerings, as well as working closely with NatureServe’s network of data providers to ensure that NatureServe data is of sufficient quality and breath to address today’s pressing conservation needs.

Chris joined the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program in 2005 as an inventory ecologist, conducting surveys for tracked plants and animals, and finished his time at PNHP as the Conservation Planning Manager. In this role, he focused on creating biodiversity data products to support conservation efforts, planning, and decision making by local, state, and federal government and conservation organizations. He is trained as plant ecologist and botanist, but also has experience with freshwater mussels, bees, and butterflies. He has provided key support for Pennsylvania’s Wildlife Action Plan, including habitat mapping and the development of decision support tools to facilitate agency as well as public use of the plan. He also brings experience in species habitat modeling, particularly for aquatic species. Additionally, Chris has participated in the development of Key Biodiversity Area standard and currently serves as a member of the KBA Technical Working Group. He holds a B.S. in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.S. in Conservation Biology from Bowling Green State University.