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Adopt the bog turtle

Glyptemys muhlenbergii

Imperiled according to NatureServe

Threatened under the Endangered Species Act

Habitat: Wetland habitats with an abundance of sedge or mossy cover

Diet: Insects, worms, slugs, and other small invertebrates

Behavior: Active on cloudy days, foraging on land and in water for food

The bog turtle is one of North America's smallest and rarest turtle species, growing up to only 4.5 inches in length. It can be distinguished by the bright orange or yellow markings on its head. These turtles are semi-aquatic, spending much of their time in or near shallow, marshy areas in the eastern United States. The species has distinct northern and southern populations, which are separated by a gap of approximately 250 miles. Unfortunately, due to habitat loss and illegal collection for the pet trade, the bog turtle is classified as Imperiled (G2) and is listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

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Photo by Gary Peeples.

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