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2020 was a year many of us won't soon forget. At NatureServe, we had to adapt our operations to the new environment and were able to not only survive but thrive. We hunkered down and did what we do best: we innovated, programmed, and cranked out some serious science for the benefit of biodiversity.

As you will see in this annual report, we made great strides toward our mission while working from home. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments we achieved at NatureServe and in the NatureServe Network during 2020. We also spotlight the new NatureServe Explorer, share key metrics of our work, and show our appreciation for our supporters.

This year's report also features an illustrated map of invertebrate species from every state and province in the U.S. and Canada. From butterflies to lobsters, snails, earthworms, and giant squids, invertebrates are the largest source of biodiversity on Earth with more than 1.3 million species known to science! Meet some of the rarest and most at-risk invertebrate species in North America on this colorful, high resolution map.

You can explore the map of at-risk invertebrates for yourself and read the full 2020 Annual Report by clicking on the links below.

An illustrated map of invertebrate species in U.S. states and Canadian provinces