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Conservation Planning

Conservation isn’t just the area left over after other human needs are met. It is a land/sea use that is important to retain biodiversity, ecosystem services, and important economic and cultural values. NatureServe supports conservation planning as an integral part of many planning activities such as land and sea use, resource management, energy, and infrastructure.

Conservation planning is a collaborative process often involving partners and stakeholders, agencies and industries for all sectors that affect biodiversity. Conservation planning is increasingly "mulit-objective" meaning that it incorporates many human objectives to ensure development of plans that people support and will implement. Good planning requires good data, scientific expertise, GIS and specialized tools and models. NatureServe employs a scientifically defensible and rigorous process that defines the important places for conservation and integrates the conservation use into other plans such as green infrastucture, land use and infrastructure, resources management, and marine spatial plans. We assist others throughout the world working from local areas to ecoregions to achieve their planning goals. For information and contacts for our conservation planning services see our Conservation Planning Services.

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