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Anne Bowser & Lori Scott
Unveiling NatureServe Explorer Pro

In this special episode of Conservation Conversations, NatureServe introduces its latest breakthrough: NatureServe Explorer Pro, a powerful tool designed to enhance accessibility to vital biodiversity data. Join us as Anne Bowser, Interim President and Executive VP for Programs, and Lori Scott, Interim CEO and Chief Information Officer, delve into the functionalities of this innovative application. Discover how NatureServe Explorer Pro builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, NatureServe Explorer, while also spearheading efforts to promote open data initiatives across Canada and the United States. Plus, explore the potential applications of artificial intelligence in biodiversity conservation, offering a glimpse into the future of conservation efforts.

Watch the episode here or listen wherever you get your podcasts! Learn more about NatureServe Explorer Pro by going to, and create your account for free.

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