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  • In the latest episode of Conservation Conversations, join host Sean O'Brien as he speaks with Rachael Tancock, a naturalist, nature communicator, and the face behind 'The Nature Educator' on social media. Find out how she turned her curious mind and love of nature into a platform that inspires thousands around the globe!

  • Illuminating the Secrets of Bats

    In this episode of Conservation Conversations, join host Sean O'Brien and guest Dr. Winifred Frick, Chief Scientist at Bat Conservation International, as they unveil the fascinating world of bats. Dr. Frick dispels common myths about these often misunderstood creatures, delves into their diverse adaptations and ecological importance, and highlights the urgent need for bat conservation efforts.

  • Art, Science, and Adventure

    In the latest episode of Conservation Conversations with Sean O'Brien, Caroline Van Hemert takes us on a captivating journey on a 4,000-mile human-powered expedition from the Pacific Rainforest to the Arctic Coast.

  • Codex of the Endangered Species Act

    In the first episode of Season 4 of Conservation Conversations, Sean sits down with Lowell Baier, conservationist, historian, attorney, and author of the new book "The Codex of the Endangered Species Act." Lowell's deep insights and anecdotes offer a rich exploration of the past, present, and future of conservation.

  • Connecting Land, Water, and People

    In this enlightening episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean O'Brien engages in a profound discussion with Dr. Catherine Febria, Canada Research Chair and Assistant Professor in Freshwater Restoration and Ecology at the University of Windsor. Dr. Febria demonstrates through her own research experience the value of conducting ethical and inclusive science to achieve collective societal benefits.

  • Finding Freedom in Wilderness

    In this deeply moving conversation, Sean and Dudley Edmondson explore the freedom that nature provides for people and how we can make our public spaces accommodate different cultural values. Plus, Dudley shares his hopes for the future generation of wildlife and conservation professionals.

  • Bringing People & Parks Together

    In this insightful episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean is joined by Priya Nanjappa (National Parks Conservation Association). Listen as they discuss the collaborative work between the NPCA and NatureServe to identify important areas for safeguarding biodiversity and providing refuge from climate change.

  • Journey Through Science & Politics

    On this month's episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean was joined by the legendary author and scientist Paul Ehrlich, known for his work in biology and population dynamics. In their discussion, Ehrlich reflects on changes in science and conservation over the last half-century, the vital importance of science communication, and society's ability to rapidly change at pivotal moments.

  • What Natural History Tells Us About Our Future

    Natural history museums tell the story of our planet and provide lessons for the future. No one knows this better than Kirk Johnson, Sant Director of the National Museum of Natural History, who joined Sean for this month's episode of Conservation Conversations to talk about the science happening at museums.

  • Behind the making of the Biodiversity in Focus report

    Regan Smyth, NatureServe's VP for Data and Methods, joined Sean on the podcast this month to talk about what the results of the new Biodiversity in Focus: United States Edition report mean for the future of conservation.