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  • November 2022
    We All Belong in Nature

    In this compelling episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean sits down with James Evans, Founder and CEO of Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE), a BIPOC-led organization that addresses animal welfare through the well-being of both animals and humans.

  • October 2022
    Insights on Corporate Conservation

    In the latest episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean sits down with Margaret O'Gorman, President of the Wildlife Habitat Council, which supports companies in developing and achieving goals around protecting biodiversity.

  • September 2022
    The Fantastic World of Fungi

    In this episode of Conservation Conversations with Sean O'Brien, Sean is joined by Dr. Greg Mueller, Chief Scientist and Negaunee Vice President of Science for the Chicago Botanic Garden. Listen to learn why we need fungi, how trees use an underground network to communicate, and how mycology inspires science fiction writing.

  • August 2022
    Assessing the Trees of the U.S.

    In this episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean speaks with Dr. Murphy Westwood, Vice President of Science and Conservation at the Morton Arboretum, which recently collaborated with NatureServe and other organizations to create a comprehensive assessment of trees in the United States. Find out how many trees in the U.S. are threatened with extinction, what really makes a tree a tree, and how botanic gardens inspire and educate 500 million people around the world each year.

  • June 2022
    Uniting Science and Policy for Positive Change

    In this month's episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean speaks with Justin Cummings, the founding director of the UCSC Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program and former mayor of the City of Santa Cruz. Justin shares how he united his background in science and policy role to create positive change for his home, and how citizens of any background can get involved in conservation.

  • May 2022
    The First Global Reptile Assessment

    In this month's episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean is joined by the lead authors of the first comprehensive assessment of the world's reptiles. Neil Cox is the manager of the Biodiversity Assessment Unit, a joint effort of IUCN and Conservation International, and Bruce Young is Chief Zoologist and Senior Conservation Scientist at NatureServe. Find out why everyone should care that one-fifth of the world's reptile species that face extinction, and how we can save them before it's too late.

  • April 2022
    Global Cooperation for Conserving Nature

    In this month's episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean is joined by Razan Al Mubarak, President International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Razan shares how the IUCN leverages its constituency of governments, civil organizations, and indigenous communities to guide global policy change. The conversation also touches on Razan's personal experience in conservation as a woman from the UAE, and what diversity and authentic inclusivity bring to the field.

  • March 2022
    Pin-pointing Areas of Conservation Priority

    In this month's episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean is joined by NatureServe's own Chief Scientist, Dr. Healy Hamilton, to talk about the Map of Biodiversity Importance. Learn about what the map is, how it will help the United States to protect 30% of land and waters by 2030, and why we should care about biodiversity at all. Plus, Healy shares her own career journey and makes the case that seahorses are some of the most charismatic species on the planet.

  • February 2022
    Beloved Beasts

    With the Biodiversity Without Boundaries conference right around the corner, NatureServe invited author and journalist Michelle Nijhuis back to the Conservation Conversations podcast to talk about her keynote speech for the upcoming conference, her book, 'Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction', and what she's working on next.

  • January 2022
    Creating Connections and Conservation Impact with iNaturalist

    In this episode of Conservation Conversations, Sean sits down with Scott Loarie, Co-Director of iNaturalist, a popular nature app that allows users to identify the plants and animals around them. Learn how iNaturalist is connecting over a million scientists, naturalists, and enthusiasts from across the globe, and how ordinary people can help turn data into conservation decisions.