NatureServe Canada Unveils its Strategic Plan 2018-23

Adopted at the Annual General Meeting on June 14, 2018 the new plan will provide critical guidance to direct the organization to meet its goals and objectives

NatureServe Canada has a new vision for being the driving force behind a widespread understanding of the condition of the nation's species and ecosystems, having adopted a new five-year plan at the organization’s Annual General Meeting on June 14, 2018. 

"NatureServe Canada envisions a world where the natural heritage of Canada is documented, where that information is readily available to current and future generations, and where the conservation of biodiversity and resource decision-making in Canada are guided by high quality, consistent, credible, and current scientific data and information," the plan says.

The NatureServe Canada Strategic Plan 2018-2023 provides critical guidance that will help the organization attain its objectives and goals. 

The plan is focused on achieving progress within the network across four primary themes:

  1. The effectiveness and health of our network
  2. The science foundation for the information we manage and provide
  3. The services we provide
  4. The professional approach by which we conduct our business

Those themes are tied to five overarching results:

Result 1      The NatureServe Canada Network is comprehensive and effective

Result 2      NatureServe Canada and its members develop and distribute high quality, consistent and current scientific data and information to inform biodiversity conservation and resource decision-making

Result 3      Partners and clients are effectively served by NatureServe Canada

Result 4      The NatureServe Network is strengthened by the active participation and leadership of NatureServe Canada

Result 5      NatureServe Canada is a professionally run organization