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Adopt the red wolf

Canis rufus

Critically Imperiled according to NatureServe

Endangered under the Endangered Species Act

Habitat: Forests, shrublands, and coastal prairies and marshes

Diet: Rabbits, rodents, deer, birds

Behavior: Nocturnal, living in family groups or alone

The red wolf is the world’s most endangered wolf. Native to the southeastern United States, these wolves are distinguished from other species by their striking reddish-brown coat. With a lean and agile build, the red wolf is a masterful hunter, primarily preying on small mammals like rabbits and rodents. Sadly, due to habitat loss, hunting, and interbreeding with coyotes, the red wolf population has been severely depleted. Conservation efforts are ongoing to protect and restore these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and ensure their survival for generations to come.

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Photo by Seth Bynum.

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