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Adopt the saltmarsh sparrow

Ammospiza caudacuta

Imperiled according to NatureServe

Habitat: Coastal saltmarshes

Diet: Insects, spiders, and other small invertebrates; occasionally seeds and grains

Behavior: Active during the day, forages from the ground or grass stems

The saltmarsh sparrow is a small bird that inhabits salt marshes along the Atlantic coast of North America. Although its brown plumage can be difficult to distinguish against their marsh habitat, in the breeding season, this sparrow sits up on perches and sings its distinctive song. The saltmarsh sparrow is the only bird species that breeds solely in the salt marshes of the northeastern United States, and it has a tenuous relationship with the habitat it calls home. High tides and storm surges can flood saltmarsh sparrow nests, causing frequent reproductive failure. Unfortunately, these weather events are increasing in frequency and severity due to climate change. As a result, populations are estimated to have declined almost 90% in the last twenty years.

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Photo by David Larson.

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