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  • Mikaeli Blake
    Arizona Heritage Data Management System
    HDMS Contractor
  • Sean Blaney
    Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
    Executive Director & Senior Scientist
    (506) 364-2658
  • Dillon Blankenship
    Tennessee Division of Natural Areas
    Data Manager and Environmental Review Coordinator
    (615) 532-4799
  • Julie Bleser
    Wisconsin Natural Heritage Program
    Data Manager
    (608) 266-7308
  • Scott Blum
    Montana Natural Heritage Program
    Data Wrangler
  • Matthew Boone
    Idaho Natural Heritage Program
    Data Management Team Lead
  • Christie Borkowsky
    Manitoba Conservation Data Centre
  • Deborah Boro
    Natural Heritage New Mexico
    Assistant Data Manager
  • Tara Boswell
    Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program
    GIS Manager
    (508) 389-6375
  • Michele Bottiaux
    Software Engineer
    (703) 908-1884
  • Chantal Bouchard
    Centre de Donnees sur le Patrimoine Naturel du Québec
    Floristic Coordinator
  • Jessica Bouchard
    New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau
    Ecological Information Specialist
  • Jacob Bouffard
    --- CANADA ---
    Senior Data Engineeer
  • Rachelle Boul
    California Natural Diversity Database
    Senior Environmental Scientist, Specialist
    (530) 513-2263
  • Daniel Bove
    Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program
  • Rebecca Bowen
    Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program
    Conservation Science and Ecological Resources Chief
    (717) 772-0258
  • Anne Bowser
    Chief of Staff
    (202) 302-5405
  • David Boyd
    Virginia Division of Natural Heritage 
    Conservation Lands GIS Planner
    (804) 371-4801
  • Owen Boyle
    Wisconsin Natural Heritage Program
    Species Management Section Manager
    (608) 576-2446
  • Elizabeth Braatz
    Wisconsin Natural Heritage Program
    Bumble Bee Brigade Coordinator and Terrestrial Insect Ecologist