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  • Hannah Ceasar
    GIS Analyst
  • Olga Chaikina
    Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre
    Database Manager
  • Andrea Chaloux
    New York Natural Heritage Program
    Environmental Review Specialist
    (518) 402-8927
  • Dominic Chambers
    Centre de Donnees sur le Patrimoine Naturel du Québec
    Data Manager
  • Allison Chaney
    Nevada Division of Natural Heritage
    (775) 684-2900
  • Annie Chang
    California Natural Diversity Database
    Environmental Scientist
  • Colin Chapman
    Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
    (416) 433-2585
  • Yvonne Chauvin
    Natural Heritage New Mexico
    (505) 277-3822 ext. 227
  • Anne Chazal
    Virginia Division of Natural Heritage 
    Chief Biologist
    (804) 786-9014
  • Emily Cheadle
    New York Natural Heritage Program
    GIS Specialist
  • Andrew Christensen
    Oregon Biodiversity Information Center
    Watershed GIS Analyst
    (316) 648-5199
  • Carla Church
    Manitoba Conservation Data Centre
    Senior Field Biologist
    (204) 510-0764
  • James Churchill
    Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
    Conservation Data Analyst / Field Biologist
  • Claire Ciafre
    Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program
  • Karen Cieminski
    Minnesota Natural Heritage Program
    Natural Heritage Info. System Manager
  • Dan Cincotta
    West Virginia Natural Heritage Program
    Fisheries Biologist
    (304) 637-0245
  • Jacqueline Clare
    British Columbia Conservation Data Centre
    Data and Information Management Unit Lead
  • Adrianne Clark
    Mississippi Natural Heritage Program
    Database Technician
    (601) 576-6050
  • Christine Cleghorn
    Yukon Conservation Data Centre
  • Katie Cody
    Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves
    Invertebrate Biologist
    (502) 330-0322